Only God knows how many guitars and amps I’ve been through all these years! This has led me not only to get an empty bank account but also to enjoy every single instrument  feature! Nevertheless I never-ever could  do  my Gibson 335, Fender Telecaster and Cordova semi-acoustic  guitars and ..well..about amps ..never without my Matchless!

Then..did I tell you I’m basically an efx pedals addicted..?

Now you got it! I build some by myself , eventhough I’m really used to deal with the best in town :Wampler, Eventide, Rmc and Paul Cochrane. I usually get my tracks on a Pro Tools HD platform, with Prism converters, and Chandler ltd1 pre amps.  I use several mics, depending on the musical genre, those I like most of all are: Royer 121, Shure 545, Audio Technica 4047 &  2500 my favourite!