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Biography: An original piece of work, full of energy, cut out to stick out in the jazz landscape. Wharthey’s debut album honours references to American contemporary Nu-Jazz: Medesky, Martin & Wood, Charlie Hunter, Stanton Moore and John Scofield, names that have set the tune for four Italian musicians, names that they have made their own. Although Wharthey’s an instrumental quartet, the song format has the upper hand and makes the music intuitive and easily accessible. The gut funky feeling would make even the laziest listeners tap their feet. Upon a closer look, one can notice that the songs are based on articulated rhythmic cells and have been written following a modal and sometimes atonal approach.


Music genre: Nu Jazz-Funk


Members: Marino de Angeli – guitar

Mauro Gatto – drum

Stefano Andreatta – Bass

Lorenzo Nizzolini – Keyboard