Elvis & weels of fortune

Biography: I played with them from 1996 to 2001  Elvis’s classics, pure energy and rock’n'roll. We used to play in  the best Italian and European stages. They nicknamed me the merit of “Majestic” With this band we recorded an album called “today, tomorrow …. forelvis” now sold out.

Genre: Rock ‘n’ roll


Track list:

Sprake also Zarathustra

See see rider

Burning love

One night

tutti frutti

Love me

Hound dog


Johnny b.Goode


Bleu suede shoes

Unchained melody

Proud mary

Amazing grace

Jailhouse rock

Love me tender

Sospicious mind

Components: Fabio “Elvis” D’Angelo (vocals), Marino “Majestic” de Angeli (guitar), Matthew “Matly” Dall’Asta (bass), Daniel “Dax” Crose (keyboards), Maurizio “Ronnie” Rocelli ( drum )